Welcome to the world of Pokemon! Today’s journey starts in Viridian City, where our heroes find the city in a bit of dismay. Through the last couple of months, the townspeople have begun to whisper that darkness has taken over the Viridian Forest changing and twisting the pokemon inside. The once peaceful forest is now infested with dark and ghost types, while all of the bug and grass types have either left or went into hiding. Worst yet people have begun to go missing with both the most recent and famous victim being Vale the Viridian City Gym leader. The city has now issued a new law that requires trainer to travel the forest in at least a group of three and to proceed with much caution.

Vale’s father, Aronld Anetti is the vice the president of Silph Co, and is known to flash his money around to get what he wants. With his only daughter missing, he has now hired a team of pokemon trainers to find her. You find yourselves among a group of trainers at his house looking to enlist. You all have your own reasons for being there, whether it is to earn a bit of cash, find the gym leader so that you can challenge her, or else just earn a bit of experience.

Things to know about this world.
-Pokemon are dangerous creatures. While pokemon can be tamed, in the wild they will attack and can be lethal. Yes, your pokemon can die. Yes, you can die, although it is not my intention to kill you.
-This world is a mix between the anime, games, and manga. Don’t expect to run into Ash or Red, but you can expect to run into someone like Professor Oak.
-We will be using the 1.34 edition of the player’s handbook. You can find that here: https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediafire.com%2Fdownload%2Fc5cpr5p5z3ybca3%2FPTABeta1.34.zip&h=xAQEadI6V

Currently thinking about playing this on July 9th, 2013. I don’t have to work that day, so what time would be best for everyone? If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me on facebook. The system may seem a bit complicated at first, but I promise it is fun!

I will do Character Creation when we begin our session, but if everyone could please generally tell me what class/es you would like to play so I can bring a copy of their feats for you. Your characters are going to start at Level 3 with one level 15 pokemon, and one level 10 pokemon.

Also please tell Nick what two pokemon you would like to start with, as that will greatly speed up the process and I can have some material printed out for you.

Starter Pokemon Restrictions:
No dragons, no pseudo legendaries, no legendaries…and also depending on the pokemon I may say no to it altogether so that no one starts with something overpowered. Try to stick with pokemon that have at least one evolution.

Try to prepare a brief background (doesn’t have to be lengthy or detailed…just a sense of who and what you want your character to be about). Also don’t feel limited to just being someone good! This isn’t the cartoon so you can be anyone that you want to be!

Pokemon:The Shadow Crystals